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Piers are great alternatives to concrete blocks. They are lightweight and stackable for easy shipping, storage and handling, making set-up simple and quick. Our standard pier is rated at 6,000 pounds holding capacity, but has been tested to 20,000 pounds. We have sizes available from 6" to 30" in two inch increments. Each size adjusts a maximum of two inches in height, so no shims are necessary. Pier heads are sold separately. Custom pier heads can be made to your specifications. Xi2 Foundation System Commercial Installation Instructions for Ground & Concrete Systems IBC 2006 90 mph Exposure C By Tie Down Engineering. 


38in. x 80in. Left Hinge 6 Panel Steel Door 6in. Jamb

7660 Series 6 Panel Steel Combination Door In Swing Door Manufactured Housing Mobile Homes RV Doors by Kinro   Features Dynasty Sunburst window panel Left hand swing or Right hand swing that swings in 6-Panel vinyl clad steel door prepped for lock & deadbolt, (Knocker & Viewer Included) 1-3/4" Insulated primary core entry door 1-3/8" Core with steel and foam (no wood) Silver butt hinge system Dual seal system to resist water, air, & light infiltration Aluminum threshold with thermal barrier 1-1/4" Thick painted self storing storm door Plywood jambs available in 4", 6" and 6-9/16" Storm Door Hardware included. Option window treatments are available- For mobile homes - manufactured homes - modular homes - residential housing - RV   Option window treatments are available Shipping from Indianapolis is reasonable


Nailite red blend brick ledger sold 10 to a carton

Nailite Hand Laid Brick Trim is packaged 10 pcs. ( 26.75 Lin. Ft./ctn.) The dimensions for each piece are 36”w x 3-5/8” h x 1-1/4” d The ledger trim colors match perfectly to the hand laid brick panels. Hand Laid Brick Panel Dimensions


30.25in. x 14in. Self Storing Storm White Sliding Window

AtwoodTM 3000 Series Painted Aluminum Self Storing Storm Window Large flush mounting flange for easy installation Removable upper and lower sash are marine glazed for superior weather resistance Full interlock at meeting rail to window security and strength Latch strike allows for variable opening positions Quality pile weather-strip throughout Two spring loaded thumb latches for operation of removable lower sash Pile weather-strip along length of jamb to complete weather-strip Package For the Manufactured home, Mobile home, RV or Residential Housing Shipping from Indianapolis is reasonable CALL FOR SHIPPING RATES