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Pre-cut 35" Grey Premium Solid Skirting Panels 12/ctn.

Pre-cut 35" Grey Premium Solid Skirting Panels 12/ctn. Premium Grey solid skirting panels cut to 35" lengths for easy installation and affordable shipment 12 to a carton


Wind stay rods 24 inch - 32 Bundle Style Crest Premium Eagle

Wind Stay Rods Wind stay rods install easily by inserting the rod vertically inside the lock of the skirting panel where the two panels come together. Insert the top hook on the stay rod into the lip of the top back skirting rail that is attached to your home. These rods provide an excellent and economic alternative to framing when skirting is over 36” high or where above average winds prevail. Find the Best Prices here at General Supply. Shipping from Indianapolis may be cheaper than you think!


Window White Vinyl Single Hung Tilt Open W(46in.) X H(60in.)

Kinro 9750 Series Vinyl single hung windows Vinyl construction provides high thermal performance Frame and sash corners are welded for added strength and water tight corners Deep pocket sill for added window strength and weather resistance Window sash can be easily removed for cleaning Reinforcement bars in the meeting rails provide extra strength Positive integral lock at the meeting rail for increased home security and weather resistance Dual weather seal to reduce drafts and enhance energy efficiency Nominal ¾ inch insulated glass provides superior thermal performance. Manufacurtured Homes, RV, Mobile Home and Residential Homes Shipping from Indianapolis is reasonable


26 X 80 Series 5050 Square Corner RV Door

  Series 5050 Square Corner RV - Camper  Door   Frame Assembly Extruded hinges with stainless steel bushing and full-length hinge pin provide longer service life and sturdy core to frame connection. Hinge system complies with DOT FMVSS 206 and CMVSS 206. Built in drip cap requires less labor at installation and sloped threshold provides better drainage. A variety of optional frame colors are available. 12 " x 21" window available in clear or obscure Core Assembly Damage resistant fiberglass exterior and interior surfaces. Optional aluminum skin available. Strong extruded aluminum core surround protects the core edge from damage. Precambered steel lock stile and adjustable strike plate ensure a positive seal. Optional knob/lever and safety locks are available. Screen Door Assembly Extruded aluminum frame with reinforced corners. Large molded slide bubble glides easily and gives ready access to lock area. Screen door lever latch secures firmly to the primary door and frame Series 5050 Square Corner RV Door