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Insulate Your Mobile Home


Home sweet mobile home! Your manufactured home is everything to your family, and when the seasons change, it’s important to remember that giving it a little extra TLC is never a bad thing! The reality of owning a mobile home is making those much-needed seasonal updates to keep your family comfortable. When the weather changes from hot to cold, a well-insulated manufactured home becomes a *literal* hot commodity!

If you’re not sure what steps to take when it comes to insulating your mobile home, keep reading below to find out! 

Still need help? Call the mobile home pros! 

Insulate the Walls

To prevent the blustery wind from creeping into your mobile home, you must insulate the walls! If you have the time and the gumption, filling every wall with insulation is going to be your BEST bet. However, if time is of the essence, start with your bedroom to keep you cozy during chilly fall and winter nights!

Don’t forget to check on your roof too! Because heat rises, it’s important to keep as much heat as possible inside the home, rather than finding its way out of the roof!

Put Down Layers

Insulation also happens at the GROUND level! After you’ve insulated your walls, you can move on to your floors. You can quickly, easily, and efficiently insulate the floors of your manufactured home by purchasing rugs. Rugs in all sizes are a cost-effective way to add insulation to your mobile home and will help keep the heat in when it turns cold!

Protect the Pipes

Another important part of your mobile home to consider insulating is the crawlspace, or underbelly, of your manufactured home. To avoid hefty plumbing expenses in the cooler months, consider purchasing foam pipe insulation and heat tape from General Supply Inc to keep your pipes nice and warm! Pipe insulation and heat tape are used to prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting during the fall and winter seasons!  

Adding insulation to your pipes is not an expensive undertaking, but properly insulating is your mobile home’s first defense against this BIG potential problem. While you are busy adding more to your home’s insulation, don’t forget about your pipes!

We want you to feel confident that you are prepared for the changing seasons in your mobile or manufactured home! Whether you have questions about the best R-value for your situation, or you need to call and chat with our HVAC specialists about furnace issues, General Supply Inc is here for you!

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Indianapolis’s Choice for HVAC Service

Manufactured and mobile home owners deserve reliable heating and cooling. At General Supply Inc, we are passionate about your family feeling comfortable at home. Our goal at GSI is to make comfort as simple as pushing a button on your thermostat.

If your current HVAC system can’t keep up, it may be time for a new system or just a simple repair. To find out what your heating and cooling system needs to keep you comfortable, keep reading! If you’re in need of an AC repair, call the Central Indiana experts in manufactured home HVAC.

Indiana HVAC Unit Installation

The Indiana summer months are sweltering, and if your AC unit is in need of repair, your mobile home can get miserable, and fast! We understand the urgency of staying cool during the scorching Indiana summers, which is why our HVAC unit installation services are designed to be efficient and hassle-free. 

Our team of experts will work diligently to have your new unit up and running promptly, so you can enjoy the comfort you deserve.

Here are a few signs your HVAC unit might need a repair or replacement:

  • Your AC is breaking down
  • Your energy bills keep increasing
  • Your HVAC system is 10+ years old
  • Your unit is making hissing or clicking noises
  • You are experiencing inconsistent temperatures throughout your home

Remember, when it comes to quick, reliable, HVAC unit installation, there is no better choice than General Supply Inc!

Indiana’s Top HVAC Service Provider

General Supply Inc is proud to be Indiana’s top HVAC service provider and #1 pick for HVAC installation! We have passionately served the state of Indiana since 1993 and have built a team of hoosiers who love their fellow citizens as their own.

General Supply’s team has a combined 100+ years of service experience within the manufactured housing industry, so you can feel confident knowing we manufactured homes are second nature to us!

We are committed to offering affordable HVAC services using on-site HVAC specialists, without compromising on quality. Whether you need a new installation, repairs, or regular maintenance, our cost-effective solutions and flexible financing options make it easier for you to get the HVAC services you require while staying within your budget.

Check out our HVAC financing options or call to schedule us to come out and assess your needs. Don’t let the heat get the best of you and your home—trust General Supply Inc for reliable HVAC unit installation and exceptional service in Indiana!

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Preparing Your Mobile Home for Spring


The cold, blustery winter season is behind us and it’s on to warmer weather and more time outside! When you own a mobile home, spring is an important time! After every severe weather season, you must evaluate the skirting on your home to ensure it’s in good shape. So, how can you make sure your skirting is ready for a new season? Keep reading to find out!

Inspect the Skirting

When it’s time to inspect the skirting around your mobile or manufactured home, what should you look for? First things first, look closely for any gaps, cracks, or holes that happened during the winter months. You’ll also want to look out for signs of general wear and tear, as well as any damages and determine if repairs are necessary. If you find your skirting does need to be replaced, you can call us for a free estimate!

Scrub the Skirting

After you’ve done your initial inspection and determined your skirting is in good shape, you’ll want to give your skirting a good scrub! Remove any dirt or debris with a pressure washer and a high-quality scrub brush. We suggest using a cleaning solution that is designed to clean your mobile or manufactured home so you know the job is done right the first time. 

Remember, if you find any gaps, cracks, or holes, it’s best to talk with an expert about your best method for repair.

Check the Insulation

While you’re checking on the skirting of your mobile or manufactured home, it’s a great time to evaluate your insulation needs. You’ll need to decide if adding insulation would be beneficial for your manufactured home. We always recommend our customers insulate their mobile homes to better regulate the temperature inside the house.

Making sure your mobile home is in good shape starts with you! Frequently inspect your skirting and insulation to make sure your mobile home is not in need of repair. Take precautions to seal or repair gaps or cracks as soon as you see them. If you’re not sure what steps to take when it comes to caring for your mobile or manufactured home, General Supply Inc is here to help!

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The Benefits of Skirting Your Manufactured Home

Skirting is an important investment for every mobile or manufactured homeowner! While you might not be ready to install skirting on your mobile home just yet, it’s good to consider the benefits that skirting can provide, beyond just aesthetic appeal!

So, how can skirting protect, style, and benefit your Indiana mobile or manufactured home? Keep reading!

Protecting Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

First things first, let’s talk about protecting your investment! Your mobile house is your home. It requires maintenance, repairs, love, and sometimes, an upgrade. Skirting is an easy upgrade that protects your manufactured home in a big way by keeping bugs and animals OUT, and extra heat IN. During the winter, skirting also provides extra insulation to your pipes so they don’t freeze and burst. 

Speaking of winter, skirting allows your home to maintain a warmer environment through the cold season so your HVAC system isn’t doing all the heavy lifting. The same is true for cool temps in the summer. Talk about energy savings!

Styling Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

There are many reasons to install skirting on your mobile home, but, let’s be real, how it looks IS ONE OF THEM! 

You want your home to look great, and skirting can help. With options to fit every homeowner’s style, our simulated brick, faux stone. and aluminum skirting options are available for purchase and installation at General Supply Inc!

Skirting from General Supply also gives a mobile home a more robust appearance by hiding the structural underbelly of your manufactured home. Skirting can make a home appear sturdy and more permanent. Skirting also improves your home’s curb appeal and increases the value of your home and neighborhood. 

Investing in Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

As we said before, your mobile home is an investment. To keep the maintenance bills from piling up, it’s important to be proactive in protecting and managing the needs of your home. Skirting is an investment that looks good, provides immense protection, and most times, is required by lenders when it comes time to refinancing or selling your manufactured home.

If you’re thinking about adding skirting to your mobile home’s to-do list, call General Supply Inc. (hyperlink to contact: so we can walk you through the skirting process for your Indiana mobile home!

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Winter Furnace Repair Services

Winter is here and it’s time to make sure your furnace is ready! Reliable heating for your mobile home in the winter is something every manufactured home owner deserves. To ensure warm heat is blowing out of your vents all year long, it’s important to know the signs of a furnace that needs a little TLC from our Indiana HVAC repair specialists.

Does Your Furnace Need Service?

Your family doesn’t need extra stress in the winter, and a broken furnace can cause a whole lot of it. Furnaces aren’t just there to keep you comfortable, they help to keep your family and pets safe when the temperatures get low!

You might be wondering, how do I know if my HVAC system needs a tune-up or repair? In our experience, you’ll know that your furnace needs a service when… 

  • You can smell a strong odor coming from your vents or ducts
  • You smell something that is similar to gas or burning
  • Your vents are blowing cold air
  • Your furnace is not working at all
  • Your thermostat doesn’t match the temperature in the house
  • Rattlings sounds or other abnormalities coming from your HVAC system

Are any of these happening to you? If so, contact us ASAP! When you need furnace repairs or installation in Indianapolis, you can count on General Supply Inc. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of HVAC experience. From simple maintenance to major repairs, our trained technicians can give you a free estimate on your furnace repair.

Indiana’s Best Furnace Repair 

It takes a lot to be trusted as Indiana’s best furnace repair company. At General Supply Inc, we are committed to getting your furnace up and working so your family can stay warm, especially on those long, chilly nights! With our 25 years of experience, furnace issues are no match for our Indiana HVAC specialists. Our quality customer service representatives and HVAC specialists are here to answer any questions you may have about the heating unit in your mobile or manufactured home. We service all brands of heating equipment so you never have to wonder if General Supply Inc. can help! 

If your furnace is on the fritz, the temperatures on the thermostat aren’t matching, or you hear a funny noise coming from your heating unit, General Supply Inc. Indiana is your ‘who to call’! 

Our HVAC specialists are here for you. You can contact us for any questions or to schedule your HVAC service.

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Troubleshooting Your A/C


When it comes to air conditioning, sometimes what appears to be a big problem can be a simple and inexpensive fix. During the summer months when the humidity is high and the temperatures are soaring, it is not uncommon to have a capacitor fail in your outside condensing unit. Unfortunately, it will often fail at the worst time, leaving you without cool air in the summer heat. The good news is this is not an expensive part to replace. However, you should not attempt to replace it yourself. This is a repair best left to the professionals, so be sure to call an HVAC contractor to handle this service for you. There are many varieties of capacitors available, and it is crucial that yours is replaced with the correct model and specification

If your A/C unit fails to cool your home, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot that will save you time and money before calling a professional contractor.

1. Check your thermostat

Ensure your thermostat is set to cool and the fan is set to “on” or “auto”.  Make a note of what the temperature is in your home and what temperature your thermostat is set at for cooling.

2. Check your air filter

In most cases, your air filter will be in or near your furnace. Make sure that it is not excessively covered with dust, lint, or pet hair and that air is flowing back to your furnace. This is especially important in manufactured homes as they often do not have a return air system built into the home. With an electric furnace, the filters may be metal and sitting on top of your a-coil. This may be a good time to remove and wash that filter and then replace it back on your unit. With a gas furnace in your mobile home, the filter is most likely inside your furnace door. If it is dirty or clogged, now is a good time to remove and replace it. If you do not have a replacement filter handy, leave the dirty one off but get a replacement as soon as possible. Do not leave your furnace without a filter for more than a day.

3. Check your floor registers

Make sure all your floor registers are open and there are no restrictions for air moving through these registers.

4. Check your circuit breaker

Open your main electrical box and look for a double pole breaker that should be marked as A/C unit or compressor. A double pole breaker is two breakers tied together, usually 20 to 30 amps in size. Some older units could have an even larger breaker. If this breaker looks like it has been tripped, reset it by pulling the breaker all the way over to the off position and then returning it to the on position. Do not attempt to replace this breaker by yourself. If the breaker will not reset, call a licensed professional immediately.

5. Check your outside A/C or heat pump condenser

Look to see if the fan on your outside unit is moving and blowing warm air from your unit. Listen for the compressor inside your unit to see if you can hear it running. There will often be a data plate on the outside of the unit. Take a picture of it with your phone if you can or try to write down the model and serial number of the unit if it is available. Also, look for any ice build-up on your outside A/C unit. If the coil is covered with ice or you see excessive ice around the copper lines coming to your unit, turn the unit off right away. Call your HVAC professional and let them know that your unit has ice around it. This is usually an indication that your unit is low on refrigerant or that there is not enough air moving back to the furnace. The same applies if you see excessive ice around the a-coil located in your furnace cavity. Again, turn the A/C off immediately and call your professional. While you’re outside, check your outdoor A/C unit coils for any cottonwood, grass clippings, dust, or other debris. Hosing off these items can increase the performance of your A/C.

Taking these steps may bring your A/C or heat pump back on to the cool position. If it does, congratulate yourself on saving the cost of a house call and needless repair, not to mention getting a cooler home when you need it. If there is still an issue, contact a reputable HVAC service technician and provide them with the information you have gathered up from these notes. This will save you time and money by providing the technician with valuable information that will allow them to be better prepared to fix your A/C unit on the first call.

If your compressor is still not blowing cool air and your unit is less than seven years old, there is a good chance that the capacitor has failed. If so, your technician will have you up and running again in no time at all and at a cost that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget to schedule regular HVAC maintenance appointments, with spring and fall clean and checks, to keep your systems in top shape. If you are looking for a qualified technician but don’t know who to call, contact your rep at General Supply, and they will be glad to be of assistance.

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Tune Up Your A/C for Summer Maintenance

If the A/C unit in your manufactured home is struggling to keep up with the summer heat, it may be time for a seasonal tune up. High temps can strain your A/C system leading to lowered energy efficiency and even system failure. With regular maintenance, you can identify and prevent any potential issues. Here’s three easy ways to tune up your A/C for the summer:

Change Air Filter

An air filter plays an important role in your modular or manufactured home by keeping dust and debris out of your HVAC system. Cleaning or replacing your air filter every one to three months prevents this debris from accumulating and circulating around your home. A fresh air filter also increases energy efficiency and maximizes clean air flow. If you have children or indoor pets in your home, it is even more important to stay on top of air filter replacements.

Clear Away Debris

With a central A/C system, clearing away debris from the outdoor condenser unit allows it to run efficiently in summer weather. A good rule of thumb is to keep any landscaping at least two feet away. This means trimming back any overgrown shrubs and trees that may be too close to your A/C unit. You’ll also want to clear away any old leaves, dirt, or other debris that may cause blockages. For a deeper clean, you can also clean the coils and fins in your unit when they get dirty (learn how here). 

Schedule Professional Maintenance

To give your A/C system an extra boost, a best practice is to schedule an HVAC tune up twice a year. For your A/C in the spring and your furnace in the fall, call your HVAC company to perform professional inspection and testing. The experts will check for any leaks, loose connections, and proper airflow to help maintain your system and locate any damage. Investing in professional maintenance at regular intervals will ensure the long-term health of your A/C system, saving you in repair or replacement costs down the road.

With regular maintenance, you can keep your A/C system running smoothly so you can stay comfortable and cool inside during the summer months. The time you spend on a quick tune up now will help you prevent an unexpected A/C emergency when it gives out on a hot summer day. If your mobile or manufactured home A/C system does need repair or replacements, you can find all the parts you need here at General Supply, Inc.