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Is Your AC Unit on the Rocks?


Indiana is heating up which means summer is approaching fast! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your AC unit and asking yourself if it is up for the summer job? As a mobile home owner, keeping your AC unit healthy is essential for ensuring your family stays cool all summer long. Keep reading to find out how your AC unit can benefit from regular HVAC maintenance!

If your AC unit in your mobile or manufactured home is malfunctioning, you need to call an HVAC pro, like…yesterday! You’ll know if your AC unit is having trouble working if…

  • You feel warm air coming from the vents
  • You notice unusual noises or smells
  • Your manufactured home always feels humid
  • Your energy bills keep increasing
  • Your AC unit is constantly cycling on and off

Even small AC problems can cause major issues later. If your AC unit is doing any of these things, contact us today to schedule your service!

Repairing Your Mobile Home’s AC Unit

Whether it’s dirty air filters, blockages, or faulty electric – if your AC unit is on the fritz, the best time to call and schedule an HVAC service is today! Getting your AC unit repaired in a timely manner is not only important to prevent major issues, but to keep your family safe and healthy. Repairing your AC unit can be a scary up-front cost, but that’s why we have no-interest payment plans available to those who qualify!

Indiana’s HVAC Maintenance Experts

A well-maintained AC unit can improve your indoor air quality, lower your energy bills, and extend the life of your HVAC unit. Indiana’s HVAC experts are on-call at GSI to help you maintain your AC unit by detecting issues early, and helping you figure out ways to increase the energy efficiency of your mobile or manufactured home!

Keeping your AC unit in tip-top shape is essential for keeping your home comfortable all summer long. Our Indiana HVAC specialists can help you keep your AC unit running with regular inspections and  repair any HVAC issues promptly so you can get back to living your life!