Coleman Combustion Motor Assembly ( S1-7995-6451 )


Coleman Combustion Motor Assembly ( S1-7995-6451 )

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Coleman Combustion Motor Assembly S1-7995-6451 Gas furnace replacement parts Coleman part number (S1-7995-6451) Booster assembly Includes metal casing, blower wheel, gasket and 3300 rpm motor. This combustion motor assembly number S1-7995-6451 replaces the following part numbers: 7700B6351, 8800A6351 and 7700B6351. This blower motor works in the gas furnaces: 7956-656D, 7966-656, 7966A656,7970-656,7970-626D, 7970B656,7970C656, 7970C656, 7970C659, 7975-656,7975A656, 7975C656, 7975C659, 7995-656, 7995-656D,7995856, 7995A856, 7995A656, 7995B856, 7995C656, 7995C656, 7995C659, 7995C659,7995C856, 7995C859, DGAM056BDC, DGAM075ADC, DGAM075BDC, DGAT056BDC, DGAT070BDA, DGAT070BDC, DGAT075ADC, DGAT075BDC, DGAT095ADA, DLAS056BDC, DLAS075ADC, and DLAS075BDC.

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