Coleman EBE15A 15 Kw Electric Furnace Downflow With ECM Motor


Coleman EBE15A 15 Kw Electric Furnace Downflow With ECM Motor

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FEATURES: Zero clearance feature allows the EBE/EUE to be installed where space is a premium. Pre-painted white front panels provide a scratch resistant, attractive, easy to clean appliance finish. Built-in coil cabinet is design-matched to work in conjunction with EBE/EUE furnaces, heat pumps, & air conditioners manufactured by Johnson Controls, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas which provide ease of installation and highly efficient operat¬ing performance. Downflow or upflow coil shelf accessory is required for the EBE model. The EUE model has an upflow coil shelf already installed, and the unit has a solid door on it. Air Conditioner and Heat Pump operation ready, all models have a multi-speed blower capable of handling cooling and heat pump loads. Heating package includes specifically designed, long lasting nickel/chrome heat elements.Universal throw-away filter cleans the air, and is easy to replace on the EBE unit. No filters are furnished with EUE models. External filter base and/or filter rack is needed for field installation. Accessory blower kit available for larger A/C and HP applications. As defined by the U.S. Department of Energy, these furnaces are 100% efficient when used in specified applications.

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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 25 × 72 in


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