Deluxe II Patio Covers 200 sq.ft. or More (priced by the sq ft)


Deluxe II Patio Covers 200 Sq, Ft. or More

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DeluxeII Patio Covers are constructed with a 5-1/2″ Extruded Aluminum Front and Side Fascia that accepts two-color trim inserts. A Two-piece adjustable hang tab system, and heavy .032 gauge aluminum “V” shaped pans with a white baked on enamel finish, and cedar embossed texture. These covers will not rust or pit and will never require painting or other maintenance associated with wood or steel covers. Prices on Covers do not include supports or downspout assemblies. DeluxeII patio covers work best on projections of 13 feet or less and widths of 60 feet or less. For patio covers greater than 13’ projection the manufacture recommends the use of I-Beams for additional support.

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