Revolv A/C Condensing unit 2.5 ton 13.4 SEER-2


2.5 Ton Revolv Split System Condenser 13.4 SEER2 (Can only be installed in the Northern DOE region after 12/31/2022)

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Revolv® Indoor comfort products are designed with Manufactured to meet the demands of a Manufactured Home. They offer a Robust Post and Jacket Design with independent Louvered panels that are easily removed. Corner Post Packaging that creates a gap around the entire unit to distribute the load evenly. Micro Channel Coils that minimize the refrigerant charge. 2023-MI-DOE Compliance for new performance minimums and Mfd. Hsg. testing standards. Dependable Warranty handled directly by Style Crest’s HVAC Team

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Weight 144 lbs


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