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The Benefits of Skirting Your Manufactured Home

Skirting is an important investment for every mobile or manufactured homeowner! While you might not be ready to install skirting on your mobile home just yet, it’s good to consider the benefits that skirting can provide, beyond just aesthetic appeal!

So, how can skirting protect, style, and benefit your Indiana mobile or manufactured home? Keep reading!

Protecting Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

First things first, let’s talk about protecting your investment! Your mobile house is your home. It requires maintenance, repairs, love, and sometimes, an upgrade. Skirting is an easy upgrade that protects your manufactured home in a big way by keeping bugs and animals OUT, and extra heat IN. During the winter, skirting also provides extra insulation to your pipes so they don’t freeze and burst. 

Speaking of winter, skirting allows your home to maintain a warmer environment through the cold season so your HVAC system isn’t doing all the heavy lifting. The same is true for cool temps in the summer. Talk about energy savings!

Styling Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

There are many reasons to install skirting on your mobile home, but, let’s be real, how it looks IS ONE OF THEM! 

You want your home to look great, and skirting can help. With options to fit every homeowner’s style, our simulated brick, faux stone. and aluminum skirting options are available for purchase and installation at General Supply Inc!

Skirting from General Supply also gives a mobile home a more robust appearance by hiding the structural underbelly of your manufactured home. Skirting can make a home appear sturdy and more permanent. Skirting also improves your home’s curb appeal and increases the value of your home and neighborhood. 

Investing in Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

As we said before, your mobile home is an investment. To keep the maintenance bills from piling up, it’s important to be proactive in protecting and managing the needs of your home. Skirting is an investment that looks good, provides immense protection, and most times, is required by lenders when it comes time to refinancing or selling your manufactured home.

If you’re thinking about adding skirting to your mobile home’s to-do list, call General Supply Inc. (hyperlink to contact: so we can walk you through the skirting process for your Indiana mobile home!