Radius Corner

Dexter Series 5050 Radius Corner RV – Camper Door

Frame Assembly

  • Precision one-piece outer frame is delivered pre-squared and ready for installation.
  • Extruded Hinges with stainless steel bushing and full length hinge pin provide longer service life and sturdy core to frame connection.
  • Hinge system complies with DOT FMVSS 206 and CMVSS 206.
  • Mill finish sloped threshold prevents wear in high traffic area.
  • A variety of optional frame colors are available.
  • 12" x 21" window available in clear or obscure

Core Assembly

  • Interior surfaces are damage resistant fiberglass. Optional aluminum skin is available.
  • Strong extruded aluminum core surround protects the core edge from damage.
  • Precambered steel lock stile and adjustable strike plate ensure a positive seal.
  • Optional knob/lever and safety locks are available.

Screen Door Assembly

  • Extruded aluminum frame with reinforced corners.
  • Large molded slide bubble glides easily and gives ready access to lock area.
  • Screen door lever latch secures firmly to the primary door and frame

Brochure of Dexter Series 5050 Radius Corner Doors

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Showing 1–12 of 85 results