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Garden Tubs – Rectangular Tubs – Grecian Oval Tubs – Corner Tubs – White Ophelia Tubs – Island Tubs By Better Bath

Tub Sizes: 40in. x 54in – 40in. x 60in. – 48in. x 60in.

Styles: Grecian Rectangular Tub – Oval Island Tub – Corner Tubs – Tub and Shower combinations – Island Tubs

Tubs for the mobile home – manufactured or modular home and RV

General Supply offers Garden Tubs in sizes of 40in. x 54in., 40in, x 60in, and 48in. x 60in. Featured across is our most popular size. A 40in x 54in. garden tub constructed on Heavy Duty ABS Material that offers a 5 year limited warranty. These tubs are available in White or Almond. General Supply also offers an attractive selection of corner tubs as well for Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes

The Grecian Rectangular tub measures 42″x60″ and is available in both almond and white.  Permalux finish is also available in white.  This drop in rectangular tub will add beauty and function to any bathroom.  If you wish, this tub can be ordered with a whirlpool as well.  Be sure to ask your
General Supply sales rep for more details.

The 4563 Series Oval island tub measures 44″x 62″ and includes a head rest.  This unit is available in white ABS or Permalux finish.  In addition a whirlpool can be added to this tub for special order.  For more information on the 44″x 62″ oval island tub, be sure to contact your general supply sales representative.

Corner tubs from Better Bath® measure 54″ x  54″ and are available in right hand or center drain styles.  These tubs are offered in White Heavy Duty ABS or Permalux finish.  They come standard with a front apron but a drop in without apron is available.  In addition, a whirlpool can be added to these tubs.  Call General Supply today for more information on these attractive corner tubs.

The 4293 Series Tub and Shower Combination measure 42″x 93″ and is available in Heavy duty ABS finish.  This tub shower combination is available in white only.  The shower measures a roomy 42″x 37″and the tub measures 42″x 52″ The perfect solution where room is available.  Contact your General Supply Sales rep for more details.

The White Ophelia Island tub measures 42″x 64″ comes standard in a white ABS finish.  This tub is also available in the Permalux finish.   For an additional charge, a whirlpool can be added to this island tub.  Contact your General Supply Sales Rep for more information.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results