DIY Plumbing Repairs in Mobile Homes: Navigating Freezing Pipes and Other Cold-Weather Concerns

Living in a mobile home offers a unique lifestyle, but when winter brings its bitterly cold temperatures, it can also bring a series of challenges, especially to your plumbing. General Supply Inc., understands the impact of frigid weather on mobile homes and the common problem it brings—freezing pipes. In this comprehensive blog, we’ll explore DIY

Ice Ice Baby! Winterizing Your Home for Freezing Temps and Snow

Winter’s arrival signals a time of frosty mornings and snow-covered landscapes, bringing with it the need to prepare our mobile homes for the challenges of the cold season. Mobile homes, due to their construction, may require specific attention to safeguard against freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. To get prepared for the changing season, check out

The Best Heating and Cooling System for Mobile Homes

Don’t let choosing between new furnaces get you flustered! We know there are a lot of HVAC brands to choose from. That’s why, at General Supply Inc., our heating and cooling experts are happy to bring you our top 2 recommended HVAC brands for your mobile home! General Supply Inc. has been a trusted name

Are Your Mobile Home Heating Pros on Speed Dial?

Winter in Indiana is cold, and you don’t want your furnace to fail! When it’s frosty outside, it pays to have a heating pro on speed dial. In this blog, we’ll go over signs your furnace needs a tune-up, how to choose the right HVAC company for the job, and a shameless plug for Indiana’s

How Much Does a Furnace for a Mobile Home Cost?

When thinking about the cost of a furnace for your mobile home, there are many factors to consider. The cost of comfort, the cost of peace of mind, the cost of maintenance, and ultimately, the cost of a repair, should you need one.  In this blog, our Indiana HVAC specialists are going to walk you

Preparing Your Mobile Home for Fall

As the leaves finish falling and winter creeps ever closer, it’s important to ensure that your mobile or manufactured home is well-prepared for the upcoming changes in weather! At General Supply Inc, we understand the importance of a well-maintained mobile home, and that’s why General Supply Inc is here to provide you with a comprehensive

Insulate Your Mobile Home

Home sweet mobile home! Your manufactured home is everything to your family, and when the seasons change, it’s important to remember that giving it a little extra TLC is never a bad thing! The reality of owning a mobile home is making those much-needed seasonal updates to keep your family comfortable. When the weather changes

DIY Projects

Summer is here, and DIY projects are heating up! (literally) If you’re an Indiana mobile homeowner looking to upgrade your space this summer, then keep reading to see our 3 tips you need to know before starting on your DIY project.  Customize Your Mobile Home Your mobile home is your sanctuary, which means it should

Indianapolis’s Choice for HVAC Service

Manufactured and mobile home owners deserve reliable heating and cooling. At General Supply Inc, we are passionate about your family feeling comfortable at home. Our goal at GSI is to make comfort as simple as pushing a button on your thermostat. If your current HVAC system can’t keep up, it may be time for a

Is Your AC Unit on the Rocks?

Indiana is heating up which means summer is approaching fast! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your AC unit and asking yourself if it is up for the summer job? As a mobile home owner, keeping your AC unit healthy is essential for ensuring your family stays cool all summer long. Keep