4 Tips to Winterize Your Mobile Home

Mobile and manufactured homes require a little extra TLC around the cold, wintery season. Mobile homes typically do not have a foundation, making them vulnerable to frozen and busted pipes as cold air travels underneath the home. But the air above the home can cause problems too. Keeping your mobile home winterized not only saves

Fall Furnace Maintenance In Your Mobile Home

When winter arrives, the last thing you want is for your family to be left in the cold from a malfunctioning furnace. Conducting regular maintenance on your mobile home HVAC system, twice a year in the spring and fall, can save you a service call. Take some time this fall to conduct a quick, seasonal

How To Prevent Frozen Water Lines In Your Mobile Home

Damage from leaking or burst water pipes after a freeze-up can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs. The best way to save both time and money is to prepare the water lines in your mobile or manufactured home for harsh weather conditions before they arrive.  Plumbing is set up differently in a

Give Your Roof A Summer Check-Up

You may not think about it often, but your roof is one of the most important structures on your mobile or manufactured home. Snow, rain, leaves, debris, and other outdoor elements are all kept away with durable roofing. But, for a roof to last, it requires regular maintenance, repairs, and even replacement over time. Performing

Manufactured Housing Showcase Dazzles D.C.

MHI’s 2022 Homes on the Hill Event Recap On June 7-8, policymakers, consumers, and members of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) gathered in Washington D.C. for the 2022 Homes on the Hill innovative housing showcase.  “The general public is getting a great feeling for how manufactured housing has evolved and become the affordable housing solution,”

What is A Manufactured Home?

Let’s get back to the basics. Understanding what makes up a manufactured home clears up any confusion so that you’re able to select the right parts and supplies for your housing type. Our vendor Tiedown Engineering explains the key facts, history, and regulations you need to know to understand prefab homes. “People often misname home

Troubleshooting Your A/C

When it comes to air conditioning, sometimes what appears to be a big problem can be a simple and inexpensive fix. During the summer months when the humidity is high and the temperatures are soaring, it is not uncommon to have a capacitor fail in your outside condensing unit. Unfortunately, it will often fail at

Best Skirting Options For Your Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes require skirting to be installed for both practical and decorative reasons. The right underpinning can provide protection from pests, mold, and damage. At the same time, the style of mobile home skirting you choose can completely transform the appearance of your home, enhancing the curb appeal. Each trailer skirting option comes with its

Tune Up Your A/C for Summer Maintenance

If the A/C unit in your manufactured home is struggling to keep up with the summer heat, it may be time for a seasonal tune up. High temps can strain your A/C system leading to lowered energy efficiency and even system failure. With regular maintenance, you can identify and prevent any potential issues. Here’s three