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How Much Does a Furnace for a Mobile Home Cost?

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When thinking about the cost of a furnace for your mobile home, there are many factors to consider. The cost of comfort, the cost of peace of mind, the cost of maintenance, and ultimately, the cost of a repair, should you need one. 

In this blog, our Indiana HVAC specialists are going to walk you through how much a furnace for a mobile home really costs. 

The Cost of Comfort

When cold Indiana winters arrive, the last thing you want is for your family to be left in the cold due to a malfunctioning furnace! Comfort during harsh seasons is a non-negotiable. After all, your mobile home is HOME, and your HVAC unit should be doing the job of keeping your family comfortable.

The Cost of Peace of Mind

Nothing beats peace of mind. Conducting regular maintenance on your mobile home’s HVAC system, twice a year in the spring and fall, can save your furnace from going down, and give you the peace of mind you deserve during long, chilly nights.

The Cost of Maintenance

As an Indiana HVAC company, we know maintenance on your furnace can be costly, but we also know that an all-new HVAC system is much costlier. Investing in the maintenance of your mobile home’s furnace throughout the year ensures that your unit can serve your family for years to come.

The Cost of Replacing Your Furnace

Are you on the fence about a new unit? Here are a few signs your HVAC unit might need a repair or replacement:

  • Your furnace is breaking down
  • Your energy bills keep increasing
  • Your HVAC system is 10+ years old
  • Your unit is making hissing or clicking noises
  • You are experiencing inconsistent temperatures throughout your home

If you notice any one of these is happening to your furnace, it’s time to call an HVAC expert. At General Supply Inc, we strive to be affordable and serve our community well! We offer payment plans and financing options for those who qualify.

General Supply Inc. is proud to be Indiana’s top HVAC service provider since 1993. Our team has a combined 100+ years of service experience within the manufactured housing industry and are committed to offering affordable HVAC services using on-site HVAC specialists. We don’t compromise on quality and we won’t leave you in the COLD!

Call us today to schedule your maintenance, repair, or HVAC installation.