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The Best Heating and Cooling System for Mobile Homes

a technician repairing a heating and cooling system

Don’t let choosing between new furnaces get you flustered! We know there are a lot of HVAC brands to choose from. That’s why, at General Supply Inc., our heating and cooling experts are happy to bring you our top 2 recommended HVAC brands for your mobile home!

General Supply Inc. has been a trusted name in Indiana heating and cooling manufactured homes for over 25 years, so fill up your cup of joe, grab a seat, and get to reading to find your best HVAC fit!

Heating and Cooling Systems We Recommend for Mobile and Manufactured Homes


Meet Miller, the reliable name in the heating and cooling game! Known for its tech smarts and solid performance, Miller HVAC systems make sure your mobile home stays comfortable all year round!

Why Miller is our jam for Heating and Cooling Systems:

  • User-friendly tech for top-notch heating and cooling.
  • No surprises here, Miller HVAC systems keep the comfort levels steady in your mobile home.
  • Super easy to use and take care of, which means it’s a breeze for you!


Say hello to Revolv, the specialist for manufactured homes! These guys are all about quality and making sure you’re one happy mobile homeowner with their efficient heating and cooling solutions.

Why Revolv Heating and Cooling Systems are our pick:

  • Made-to-order solutions for manufactured homes
  • Packed with high-quality parts for a reliable performance show.
  • Bonus: They’ve got your back with some solid warranty options, which means extra peace of mind for you!

Repairing Your Heating and Cooling System

Winter is no time for your mobile home’s HVAC unit to go down, but if you think it might be on the fritz, here’s what to look out for:
Strange noises or funny smells coming from your HVAC unit
Inconsistent temperatures throughout your mobile home
Higher-than-usual energy bills
Cycling on and off

Whether you need a repair or replacement, General Supply Inc. is here for you!

Choosing the Right HVAC Unit for Your Manufactured Home

Look, we get it! Picking the right heating and cooling system for your mobile or manufactured home is a big deal.

At General Supply Inc, we’re all about Miller and Revolv. They each bring something special to the table, and our experienced HVAC team is ready to help you install the one that fits you.

General Supply Inc is here for all your HVAC needs! Call us today to chat about our Indiana furnace installation options.