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Novik Stone Panel Skirting and Siding

The regal look of classic stone can be yours with Nailite's Hand Cut Stone panels. Hand-Cut Stone installs simply and is priced considerably lower than real stone. Perfect for whole house applications or as an architectural accent; Nailite's Hand-Cut Stone will add a new design dimension to your home.
Unearth the beauty of nature with Nailite's Hand-Cut Stone panels. Nailite combines the ruggedly chiseled features of Hand Cut Stone with intricate detailing and authentic shading. Our distinctive, replica stone siding is designed to add beauty to your home's exterior, without the costly maintenance and installation of real stone. Shipping from Indianapolis may be cheaper than you think!

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Novik Brick Panel Skirting

If you’ve been pricing a new brick exterior, chances are the material and labor costs have you re-evaluating your options. You can have the look of real brick, at a fraction of the cost and labor, with Nailite’s Hand-Laid Brick panels. They are extremely realistic and are available in six natural colors.
Nailite’s Hand Laid Brick offers all the advantages of real brick without the high cost, scarce availability and installation difficulties. Nailite’s replica brick siding is amazingly authentic in appearance, installs in a fraction of the time and costs less than real brick. Shipping out of Indianapolis may be cheaper than you think!

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results