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Insulate Your Mobile Home


Home sweet mobile home! Your manufactured home is everything to your family, and when the seasons change, it’s important to remember that giving it a little extra TLC is never a bad thing! The reality of owning a mobile home is making those much-needed seasonal updates to keep your family comfortable. When the weather changes from hot to cold, a well-insulated manufactured home becomes a *literal* hot commodity!

If you’re not sure what steps to take when it comes to insulating your mobile home, keep reading below to find out! 

Still need help? Call the mobile home pros! 

Insulate the Walls

To prevent the blustery wind from creeping into your mobile home, you must insulate the walls! If you have the time and the gumption, filling every wall with insulation is going to be your BEST bet. However, if time is of the essence, start with your bedroom to keep you cozy during chilly fall and winter nights!

Don’t forget to check on your roof too! Because heat rises, it’s important to keep as much heat as possible inside the home, rather than finding its way out of the roof!

Put Down Layers

Insulation also happens at the GROUND level! After you’ve insulated your walls, you can move on to your floors. You can quickly, easily, and efficiently insulate the floors of your manufactured home by purchasing rugs. Rugs in all sizes are a cost-effective way to add insulation to your mobile home and will help keep the heat in when it turns cold!

Protect the Pipes

Another important part of your mobile home to consider insulating is the crawlspace, or underbelly, of your manufactured home. To avoid hefty plumbing expenses in the cooler months, consider purchasing foam pipe insulation and heat tape from General Supply Inc to keep your pipes nice and warm! Pipe insulation and heat tape are used to prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting during the fall and winter seasons!  

Adding insulation to your pipes is not an expensive undertaking, but properly insulating is your mobile home’s first defense against this BIG potential problem. While you are busy adding more to your home’s insulation, don’t forget about your pipes!

We want you to feel confident that you are prepared for the changing seasons in your mobile or manufactured home! Whether you have questions about the best R-value for your situation, or you need to call and chat with our HVAC specialists about furnace issues, General Supply Inc is here for you!