Sag Ender Floor Repair


Sag Ender Floor Repair

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Sag Ender Floor Repair

The Sag-Ender eliminates annoying sub-floor sags, dips and weak spots. It&#39s quick, easy and cost effective to install Support system that will permanently eliminate these problems in minutes as opposed to the hours that were spent in the past. Only tools needed for installation are a Phillips head screwdriver, rubber mallet and hammer. Whether the joists supporting the floor are 2″x8″ or 2″x6″, on 16″ spreads, the Sag-Ender adapts automatically. Narrow pattern for 2×6, wide pattern for 2×8 or larger. Does not damage floor coverings…no need to rip up carpeting and vinyl. Great for both on-site construction and manufactured homes. Cost effective and is fast becoming the ONLY solution for contractors and builders nationwide

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